Global Equity

CyC Acciones Globales is a Structured Note, an instrument similar to an investment fund whose portfolio management is in charge of Sekoia Agente de Valores SA. The fund is integrated with shares of companies listed on the NY Stock Exchange and of ETFs based on Equitys or Mutual Funds that track the progress of a given economy and/or sector in emerging and developed countries. In turn CyC Acciones Globales may contain hedging instruments against market risk such as gold, bitcoin or options on underlying assets in the portfolio for better risk management. Likewise, in certain market contexts, the fund may have portfolio liquidity. The portfolio is diversified geographically and by sectors, combining equities from growth and value companies.

Investor Profile: Aggressive.

Investment Horizon: Long Term.

Fund Information

Portfolio Manager: Sekoia Agente de Valores S.A.
Custodian: Interactive Brokers LLC
Inception date: 03/26/2021
Currency: U$S
ISIN: XS2223800652
Bloomberg ID: ZO3666856
Total Expense Ratio (TER): 1,25% annual
Minimum: 1.000 VN
Net Worth
NAV p/100

NAV`s Evolution