Argentine Fixed Income

CyC Renta Fija Argentina is a Structured Note, an instrument similar to an investment fund whose portfolio management is in charge of Sekoia Agente de Valores SA. CYC Renta Fija Argentina will seek an attractive risk, return and term mainly through fixed income instruments in dollars from Argentine issuers. It will mostly hold corporate fixed income securities but it may also own (always respecting the diversification parameters and established risks) sovereign or sub-sovereign fixed income. The fund does not have a specific performance and duration target, instead of this it will be flexible to suit different contexts.

Investor Profile: Moderate.

Investment Horizon: Medium Term.

Fund Information

Portfolio Manager: Sekoia Agente de Valores S.A.
Custodian: Bank of New York Mellon
Inception date: 05/11/2021
Currency: U$S
ISIN: XS2223800819
Bloomberg ID: ZO3670247
Total Expense Ratio (TER): 1,2% annual
Minimum: 1.000 VN
Net Worth
NAV p/100

NAV`s Evolution