Products and Services

The activity of the company is dedicated to channeling the needs of small and medium savers and institutional investors and clients through a wide range of financial products.

Sekoia operates with banks, brokers and regulated counterparties rwith qualification and reputation in the international market.
Due to its status as a Securities Agent, the institution is not part of or acts as a member of a stock exchange.


Among the instruments traded, listed in Markets in different parts of the world or operated through bilateral negotiation (over the counter), the Government Securities, Shares, Corporate Bonds, Options, ETFs, Futures, Investment Funds and Structured Products stand out.

Portfolio Management

We have a team of quality professionals at the disposal of our clients to offer them a wide range of investment solutions, a long-term vision and a constant search for profitability by setting up strategies and managing fixed and variable income portfolios.


Local and international macroeconomic analysis, follow-up and monitoring of the markets and sectors of the economy in order to support the decision-making of our clients.